American Slang – Gírias Americanas
Gírias em inglês americano de “A” a “Z”:

Airhead: Stupid person – Pessoa estúpida

Ammunition: Toilet paper – Papel higiênico
“Help! we’re completely out of ammunition!”

Antifreeze: Alcohol – Bebida alcóolica
“I’m going to need a lot of antifreeze tonight!”

Armpit: Dirty, unappealing place – Lugar sujo
“This cheap motel is an absolute armpit!”

Awesome: Great and impressive – Fantástico
“Greenwich schools are truly awesome!”

Ball: A fun time – Momentos divertidos
“I really had a ball in dave’s esl class.”

Catch some rays: Get some sunshine – Tomar sol
“Let’s go to the beach and catch some rays.”

Deck: To hit someone – Acertar alguém
“His wife almost decked him when he returned home with lipstick on his shirt.”

El cheapo: Something cheap – Algo barato
“Since i don’t make much money, i always purchase the el cheapo brand.”

Fab: Fabulous – Fabuloso
“Your place is really fab!”

Face-off: Confrontation – Confronto
“I think it’s time we had a face-off.”

Geek: Someone who works too hard, is more intelligent than usual, and is slightly unattractive – Pessoa que trabalha muito, inteligente e não muito atraente (“nerd”)
“Bill gates is kind of a geek.”

Hairy: Difficult; dangerous – Difícil, perigoso
“The steep and windy road was really hairy.”

Icky: Unpleasant – Desagradável
“The food is really icky in that restaurant.”

Jerk: Stupid or annoying person – Pessoa irritante ou estúpida
“How could you go out with such a jerk?”

K (k): A thousand – Mil
“I could retire with 100 k (k)!”

Laid back: Relaxed; calm – Relaxado, calmo
“I always feel laid back at the beach.”

Make waves: Cause problems – Causar problemas
“Teachers don’t like students to make waves.”

Neat: Cool; great – Legal
“Isn’t my new car neat?”

Noid: Someone that’s paranoid – Paranóico
“Why are you so noid?”

Pad: Someone’s home – Casa de alguém
“Can i sleep at your pad tonight?”

Rank: Give someone a difficult time – Perturbar
“She’s always ranking her teacher.”

Quick and dirty: Done fast, but not well – Rápido e mal feito
“The mechanic did a quick and dirty repair on my car.”

Scarf: To eat – Comer
“I can easily scarf an entire banana split.”

Thou: Thousand – Mil
“I need to borrow a hundred thou.”

Umpteen: Many; countless – Inúmeras
“I’ve asked you umpteen times to show me the money!”

Wad: Roll of money – Rolo de dinheiro
“It’s dangerous to carry a big wad in your pocket.”

Yank: A yankee; an american – Americano
“David is a yank.”

Zero: An unimportant person – Pessoa sem importância
“If you don’t work hard, you’ll end up a zero.”